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Diana’s Shoe Picks for Women and Men

Dancing shoes makes the world of difference. Believe me, once I bought my first pair, my dancing improved and I felt more confident. Plus, it’s guilt-free shopping! I selected these shoes especially for you in mind. They are fashionable, have a top star rating and can fit any budget. I suggest these shoes for all Latin dancing, events, weddings or a night out on the town. Plus, Amazon has fast shipping so you can order today and receive your shoes quickly.

Guys, your shoes are very important. I picked these for style and function. Don’t delay on moving smoothly on the floor in your new shoes.

Stay tuned for frequent additions. Also, feel free to ask me any questions or suggestions. I’m happy to help.


Salsa on the Square Shoes

Salsa on the Square is so fun. You want to make sure your feet and joints stay as happy as your dancing by wearing shock absorbing shoes that keep you safe on the concrete surface. I recommend these shoes from Amazon: