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What is salsa? What kind of salsa is taught in the KamaSalsa program?

Salsa dancing started with the music. In the 1930’s Afro Cuban bands in NYC said they needed more “azucar” to their music to spice it up. Then Tito Puente formed a big band sound called mambo. The energy, sound and connection of the rhythm led dancers to compliment the clave beat with a pattern called salsa encompassing footwork and slot style partner patterns. In the NYC area it was called Mambo or “on 2″ breaking the first beat on the second count of the musical measure. On the west coast “On One” was developed to reflect a more flamboyant style. Cumbia is a side-to-side dance with Mexican or Columbian roots.

What are the benefits of salsa?

The benefits are endless and open to each individual on the level they desire. Salsa dancing is not only a good cardiovascular workout, but allows each participant to connect within themselves, their partner and the community. So you can lose weight, form a new style, learn something new, be happier and meet people all from dancing salsa. Here’s a quick list:

  1. Physically, salsa can lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, reduce heart rate, build endurance and stamina, releases toxins through sweating, aids in weight loss
  2. Salsa can burn up from 200-420 calories an hour depending on the speed of the dance, length of time and overall health of the dancer.
  3. Salsa improves agility, confidence, discipline, focus and overall mental health (remembering all the moves is an important part).
  4. Enhances relationship and social skills through listening, respect, cultural awareness, teamwork and community connection.
  5. Salsa relieves stress through movement, music and physical touch.
  6. Salsa is a means of self- expression and creativity.
  7. Salsa makes everyone smile because the beat is so uplifting and it’s so beautiful.
  8. Connects the world. Now salsa is more popular than ever; you can travel and dance salsa.
  9. Helps in overcoming shyness and other personal issues, such as, depression.
  10. Salsa makes you feel alive and is open to all ages, demographic backgrounds and cultures.

Do you need experience?

No, don’t worry about experience or dancing like a pro. This dance is about connection to your partner and the music. The foundation and the patterns are broken down in an easy-to-understand, method that will get you on the dance floor even if you have two left feet and absolutely no rhythm. However, dedication and practice you will become a good dancer naturally and have fun in the process. No matter what, you are going to laugh a lot, meet great people and have a great time.

Do you need a partner?

No, the KamaSalsa classes are designed for everyone. Each student rotates so there is a balance in the class. Partners are encouraged for practice and achievement to a new level. In this case, a social network has been set up to introduce students to one another.

What is the class attire?

Wear comfortable clothing: This is a workout and you are going to sweat. Women should wear pants, jeans or a skirt and a sleeveless top. Layer with a sweater during the cooler weather. Guys can wear pants or jeans and a t-shirt or oxford. Wear something that makes you feel and look good even while you are moving around. It will get you used to the social setting.

What kind of shoes are required?

Shoes must have a secure instep and leather sole for easy weight transition. Don’t wear slides, spike heels, gym shoes or hiking boots. Professional dance shoes are highly encouraged because of the flexibility, construction and sole material that is built for the dance floor and weight transition of a dancer. It makes a difference and is worth the investment. Here’s where to go:
Online at
Locally at Diana’s Dance 8958 Blue Ash Rd (receive a Kama Salsa discount)
Fablulous Feet Harrison Ave
Both accept a KamaSalsa discount

How do I register for a kamasalsa workshop or private lesson?

Please email Diana at to register for a workshop or to sign up for private lessons.

Private lessons provide a jumpstart into the salsa program or further student’s knowledge with individual attention and detail. Private individual, private or group classes are available. $50 for an individual hour/ $75 for a couple/ Group rates vary depending on the size.