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Salsa 2010: Enjoy The Dance with New Intentions

Another decade has passed us by and now it’s time to look ahead on what’s in store for another round. Whether it’s lose weight, meet new people, have more fun or add more energy to your life,-you can wrap it up in one package with salsa dancing.

If you already dance salsa, this might be your year to set new goals. What do you want out of your dancing? Is it to spin better, master a complicated pattern or be able to dance with more advanced dancers? No matter the intention, make it yours and live by it every time you come to class or practice. It will make your dancing fly and become more exciting.

Now, maybe you are out there wanting to learn and don’t know how to start or know someone who wants to jump in the salsa pool. We all start somewhere, so here are some easy steps to help in the process.

  1. The first suggestion is to seek out a great class that fits your schedule. Oh, yes, KamaSalsa offers super fun classes that really break down the foundation so you can get to the dance floor in no time. You can opt for a six week course or a Saturday workshop. Check out
  2. Listen to music. It’s all about music! Entertain yourself and friends with getting familiar with the Latin rhythm. Go to to check out the array of salsa goodies. I also suggest Itunes.
  3. Go to a club and watch other dancers. Or, come to a KamaSalsa practice session and chat with all the dancers who are now having fun. Listen to their story on how they got started.
  4. When you come to class, don’t have expectations of being a master salsa dancer in one session; it takes time and effort. Enjoy the journey. Registration is at class.
  5. Stay focused and don’t get discouraged if you don’t understand the beat. Ask questions. Work with better dancers and keep going.
  6. Come prepared. Buy the right shoes to make the experience even better. I suggest going to Diana’s Dance in Blue Ash or check out

Salsa can be a life changing experience. So in 2010 enjoy the dance and the journey to discover more……

Check out all the new classes and beginner workshops at

Salsa Love,